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U.K. mortgage process can be hard. StarPro provides a fast and hassle-free journey without hurdles of foreign land, time and language.

To start with, our expert team compares loan profiles among more than 10 U.K. banks, pressing loan cost to the minimum.

In general it takes around 16 weeks to process a U.K. mortgage loan. Our specialists could speed it up to just 6 weeks.

Our fee table is transparent, unlike other British mortgage referral agencies. For each transaction we charge an advisory fee as low as HK$6,000 or 1% of loan size.

Agreement-in-principle (AIP) fee is capped with a ceiling, and you can get it back later. You have total knowledge about how much fee you pay no matter how much you borrow. Say no to rip off.

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Why you need an Agreement in Principle (AIP)

A Hong Kong buyer, who shows the agreement in principle, has higher chance to successfully purchase a property since the buyer can show not only considerable capital, but also sincerity. There are friendly reminders for you: 75% in maximum for AIP loan-to-value with 3-month period of validity. You have to mind the time for AIP, if you plan to purchase second-hand property, or completed or uncompleted property.

Key Services

  • Agreement in Principle (AIP) – To assist with getting a pre-approval from the lenders base on clients’ portfolio.
  • Application Submission – To submit and follow up the full process of a mortgage application
  • Supporting Documents Examination – To Clarify and filter the significant documents required by the lender
  • Mortgage Consultation – To consult and advise the best financial solution to clients


  • Bilingual
  • Real-time reply
  • No intermediary
  • One-stop services

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About StarPro

StarPro helped more than 40,000 homeowners through mortgage applications and won multiple awards for that. We uphold the same core value for U.K. mortgages as in our Hong Kong business – to refer to the lowest interest rate at the most mortgage-friendly bank for our clients. Ask any of our old friends who have used our service.

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