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To get the most out of owning a home, StarPro Mortgage Referral is here to help. You will earn not only rebate from banks, but from us – the agency referral rebate.

Banks give cash rebates for mortgage lenders. Apply the mortgage loan with us, you will have extra rebate in the pocket and give yourself a little break from the stress of buying a house.

For new mortgages, the maximum cash rebate from both banks and referral agencies is up to 3%. For HK$8 million loan size, it means an extra ~HK$240,000.

Mortgage Plans

Mortgage Type
Interest Rate
Cash Rebate
( up to )
New PurchaseH+1.3%, Cap P-2.5%
or P-2.5%
RefinanceH+1.3%, Cap P-2.5% (professional workers only)
H+1.3%, Cap P-2% or P-2%
Government Home
Ownership Scheme
CarparkH+1.8%, Cap P-2.25%
or p-2.2%
Industrial and
H+1.7%, Cap P-1.75%
H+1.8%, Cap P-2%
Please double check your contact phone number, thanks.

Compare and bargain for the best interest rate

StarPro secures the best bargain for you among all banks in Hong Kong for the least mortgage interest rate. The current best rate is H+1.3%, capping at P-2.5%.

What’s more, we solve problems before you can even imagine along the way until you own a home, such as valuation bargains, speeding up mortgage loan approval, boosting approval chances, you name it.

It’s just three steps and enjoy the referral rebate at your fingertip:

  1. Get a “Mortgage Referral Form” from StarPro FOR FREE
  2. Submit the “Mortgage Referral Form” along with your mortgage application to your bank of choice and let us know
  3. When the mortgage loan is approved and successfully drawn down, you may claim the referral rebate with us

Click the “Whatsapp” button at the upper left corner to get in touch if you have questions or comments.


Real estate agents sometimes slip a Mortgage Referral Form in the pile of documents when you are buying a home, so they would apply for the mortgage loan on your behalf.

Once you sign the form, major banks can use the designated referral by the real estate agent. You have no option to choose another referral agent, risking ALL referral benefits.

To protect yourself, do check every document before you sign. And say this out loud to the real estate agent: “No Mortgage Referral Forms, thank you. I will talk to StarPro.”

Compare interest rates and cash rebates from various banks for free now!!

Please double check your contact phone number, thanks.
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